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2015-07-30 05:48:32 by Wyattfilms

Yeah, I've been absent for a VERY very long time. Any slut mostly what I've done is my black metal prodject Victim and some angry video game play throughs.


So enjoy FuckBoy gaming. The first video I did, so I didn't have the volume figured out yet but people have told me they died the whole time.

Ah, the old days.

2010-08-13 13:15:47 by Wyattfilms

I would love to go back to making flashes.
But, not like my old stuff. All that stuff I made, was when I was 14/15.
That is pretty impressive, most of what I see done in that age group is sonic and Naurito stick figure movies.


If I were to create something, I am entirely unsure of what it may be.
Perhaps, some sort of inside joke? Or, something completely irrelevant to any sort of logic or story plot I've had used in the past.

Whatever I desire to do, It will indeed be of higher quality then that I have done in the past.

I have returned.

2010-08-12 19:27:22 by Wyattfilms

System: Acer Aspire One Laptop
Connection: DSL 3x
Awesome: YES.

I would like to personally thank he/she who deposited for me these many months.
It is beyond me how someone could be so thoughtful. Thank you, whoever you are! \m/

Still internetless

2009-11-18 18:10:17 by Wyattfilms

I'm writing from a friends house. To the one depositing for me thanks a million.

I'm still waiting to get dsl back, as I cant get on newgrounds from the library.

Later, stay metal.


Nothing to see here.

2009-04-06 19:09:18 by Wyattfilms

Move along.

Classic games

2009-03-29 14:30:34 by Wyattfilms

Well, just today I finally had the chance to purchase Twilight Princess, if you didn't know. Back in the day, I was a big time Zelda nerd, and even dressed as link for Halloween once!

Well anyway, I've been working really hard to beat all of these damn Zelda games. Its pretty fun and time consuming. As of right now I have...

Zelda (The first one) On GBA, I haven't beaten it, but I will really soon when I get some free time.
Zelda: Links Awakening DX On GB , Beat it. And Beat the color dungeon.
Zelda: A link to the past 4 swords on GBA, Lost it, but beat A link the past. Never played the 4 swords part.

Zelda: Ocarina of time on N64, Beat it.
Zelda: Majoras mask (Borrowed) Gamecube. Never beat it DX I am meaning to after twilight p.

Zelda: Minish Cap, left my friends copy in my GBA by accident one day. Beat it in 4 days and returned it.

Zelda Windwaker: Beat it 4 times, even the 2nd go threw in links pajamas. I could never find any of the special extras like tingle sticky statues ect with my tingle tuner DX!!! Hope too soon.

Zelda: Twilight princess, haven't played it yet. Just bought it.

Zelda Oracle of seasons, and Oracle of ages: Beat them both.

I think that covered it.

As for other classics, I LOVE the old sonic games (hate the new ones) I own 2 sega genisses with sonic 1,2,3 and Sonic and knuckles.

Old N64 games I can still remember would be, Clay fighter 63 1/3, Con bad fur day, Super mario 64, Shadowman, Mystical Ninja starring Geomon, James bond golden eye, Turrok Rage wars, Super mario 64, Mario kart, Battle tanxs, Battle Tanx Global Assault, space invaders, Oh man I could go on and on!

My favorite old game would definitely have to be, Shadowman in which, I am working on a flash movie for.

I'm sorry my blog has many erros, but I'm excited to play TP.

Anyway, catch Ya'll later!

Classic games

Ng goals

2009-03-24 23:09:19 by Wyattfilms

Reach +10 voting power.

Reach Supreme Commander rank.

Reach level 30.

Submit new flash before years over.

Get 1,500+ BBS posts.

Steal back #1 protection ration from toocool100.

Never pass 38 blams (ever).

Lets go

I want to do something new.

2009-03-21 22:01:35 by Wyattfilms

Currently looking around for inspiration.

Not sure what I want to make yet.

Kinda peeking at a few collabs, nothing catching my eye sadly.

Flunk-Combat 7

2009-03-21 21:27:25 by Wyattfilms

I'm picking it back up. Woooooo :P

Screen shots later on.

Flash work

2009-03-19 02:45:42 by Wyattfilms

Well I never got really good with flash, but animation was always one of my hobbies.

I'd have to say in the time I have used flash some of my best work sadly turned out "Unfinished".

Over viewing my submissions I would have to say that Flunk-Combat 6, Numa Numa Game Boy and Shadowman where my higher quality pieces.

My funniest Submissions have to be, Luigi gets high (stolen and put on youtube 5 times) and Flunk-Combat 6.

My best unfinished Work has to be Flunk Combat 7 (Which I haven't uploaded yet) and Shadowman.

Shadowman & Flunk-Combat 7 I really Really wish to complete and I'm starting to get in the mood for making some movies. I hope to get these 2 out of the way.

My first flash here was Madness Mafia Massacre, Looking back it was pretty good for a first flash, pretty long too.

Now Numa Numa Gameboy and Madness Day Card 07 Turned out to be my most popular movies.

In retrospect, so far I didn't do anything ground breaking. But at least I did something. And at this point, I'm glad I did it.

Anyway, 2 more movies I need to talk about. "Sons of the law" and "Thomas is death prone" Are both pieces from "The Brackettville move" A movie about my friends and their stereo types. Basically all the characters are exaggerated versions of themselves.

Thats another flash I need to add to the list.

Well, if all goes fine. I may just complete these and hopefully people may like them.

Animating has been really fun and I've had the chance to meet many Cool people.

Thanks for Watching.